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okno ze statystykami wybranego instrumentu w aplikacji pasek biznesowy
okno z wykresem kursu w aplikacji pasek biznesowy
widok na Forex w aplikacji pasek biznesowy Online kurs PKO BP w aplikacji pasek biznesowy

Watch the market and be on track

MarketStream is an innovative tool, co-financed by the European Union, whose goal is to quickly share business content directly on to a computer screen. The application presents financial information such as stock quotes directly on to your computer screen. Always on top!

Make financial decisions at ease!

MarketStream is designed for those who are in need of frequent tracking of stock quotes, messages from commercial companies or world economic development indicators. It is an innovative e-service providing a number of advantages which are simply unattainable from a web browser. Here are just a few of them:

Stock exchange quotations online

MarketStream - live stock quotes on your desktop!

No registration needed! It only takes a few seconds!

Benefits just for you!

Different Markets

MarketStream presents the world financial data and encompasses many markets such as the Stock Exchange, New Connect or Bitcoin Forex market. Additionally, all trading indices and news feeds update automatically!

Always on top

MarketStream is an on screen application that adds an additional toolbar located above the taskbar in Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8. Thanks to the proven design it takes little space on the screen and is not covered by other windows. It is also flexible in configuration - you see only what you really need.

Easy and fast access

Thanks to the unique operating concept, MarketStream allows to use all of its functionalities without obstructing the view, thus allowing daily comfortable work. Incoming financial data is immediately visible on the screen regardless of what the user is doing on the computer.

Discover trends

MarketStream allows the imposition of economic indicators or messages on the graph and updates it in real time. This allows you to associate changes in the exchange rate and trace the message dependence on the respective share price.


MarketStream has a mechanism for notifications that informs the user in case predefined situation occurs. And all this does not require installation of Adobe Flash or Java.

Export and API

MarketStream allows you to export visible data to a file in the form of Excel pivot tables. In addition, thanks to API you can expand it even further by creating your own application extensions!

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Flexibility - different modes of data presentation. It depends only on you in what way you will follow the selected instruments in our application. Currently you can track the following currency pairs: CHF/CZK CHF/PLN EUR/CHF EUR/CZK EUR/GBP EUR/PLN EUR/USD GBP/CHF GBP/CZK GBP/PLN GBP/USD PLN/HUF PLN/JPY PLN/SEK USD/CHF USD/GBP USD/PLN

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Following the stock market Or maybe macroeconomic indicators?

Application MarketStream is a new approach for tracking stock quotations. You do not need to have the web browser screen open to keep track of what is happening in the markets. Applications in the form of a bar takes up little space yet is still very visible - no interference to the normal use of your computer. MarketStream runs online, it automatically updates the shares you follow and displays freshly published macroeconomic indicators. You prefer futures on the Stock Exchange or perhaps the NewConnect market?